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Is religion “hard wired” in our brains?

It occurs to me we have a strange interpretation of what the word "natural" means. We tend to think anything natural must inherently be good or desirable. How many consumer products try to play that annoying angle? I also find it fairly telling that behaviors or lifestyles are deemed "unnatural" are also considered undesirable and evil. Of course, just because something is natural certainly doesn't mean it' ...

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Wait, Christians need proof of their religion now?

You know the word "faith" that religious people keep throwing in your face every time their arguments for the existence of God falls flat? They use the word so often it's lost almost all meaning. It's really just a cop out; a word that allows them to avoid having to answer difficult questions. Whether or not Christians admit it, their beliefs are more than just faith; they are convinced the evidence for the ...

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More evil in the name of religion

Remember the old saying that for people to do evil things, you need religion [note: ok, the quote is actually from Steven Weinberg and is “Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you'd have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion.”, but I wanted to save the space! Sue me!]? Well, here's another great example ...

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Texas Supreme Court gives special rights to religion

According to the Texas Supreme Court (which should be known instead as the 'Supreme Being' Court), religious institutions have special status that regular organizations don't. A small town tried to prevent two church halfway houses from being built due to zoning violations, but as it turns out, the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act essentially makes it almost impossible for any municipality to deny a ...

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Europe doesn’t care much for religion

I need to find myself a nice European wife. Sure, you might not have big, spacious apartments like mine (for a cool 350 bones a month), but at least your population seems to have their heads screwed on right. According to this poll, almost half of the European population feels religion is given way too much attention. It ranked the lowest in terms of their personal values, at roughly 7% (with peace and resp ...

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Religion and science don’t conflict, apparently

Apparently, the perception that religion has been impeding science is wrong! That's according to this article in The Guardian, which claims the commonly held belief that science has a history of being suppressed and challenged by religion is false. Unfortunately, if you're looking for any compelling arguments in this article, you won't find any -- you'll be better served by reading this interview with biolo ...

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