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Does loving dogs make you a genocidal monster?

Ok, that may sound like a stupid question, but let me refer you to the picture above. Hitler loved his dog, and he was responsible for the Holocaust. Surely, according to this logic, I've made a powerful case against owning canines. If you think I've gone insane, rest assured I'm only trying to prove a point. There's an article on Proud Atheist that tries to debunk the claim Christians make about Hitler's p ...

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Getting it monstrously wrong

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article calling for Catholics to abandon the church in light of the recent news Pope Benedict XVI was behind the cover up of child abuse scandals. Obviously, I didn't actually think any Catholics would hear me out. I mean, I am a filthy heathen after all. I'm finding it difficult, however, to stay silent for long about the general attitude some Catholics have about the revelation ...

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The Catholic Church needs to be abandoned

I want to send out a clear message today about the Catholic Church. I know many Catholics are feeling persecuted, brow beaten, and tired of all of the bad press they've been getting recently. It doesn't help matters when your Pope quotes a Byzantine Emperor who claimed that Islam was spread by holy war. If you think that's bad, you need to sit down to hear this staggeringly horrible piece of news: Pope Bene ...

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Extreme Christian runs on ‘Kill Gays’ platform

Who says Americans get to have all the political fun? At a federal election debate held at a Sudbury high school, independent candidate David Popescu shared some of his extreme religious views. From the Edmonton Sun: Popescu introduced himself with a public prayer, blaming environmental damage and economic unrest on the wickedness of society. His comments were met with silence as some students grimaced and ...

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Church reinstates Islamic department

Tensions are running high between the Islamic world and the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI. In order to avoid further alienation, and to improve relations between the two faiths, the Pope has re-instated the Vatican's Islam department, according to The move means everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, since he will now have a little more perspective as to the sensibilities ...

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