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A farewell to Falwell

Big news today in the world of politics and religion; a certain televangelist, Jerry Falwell, collapsed and died yesterday afternoon, presumably from cardiac arrest. Now, with a man like Falwell, there's quite a bit to say, most of which is unflattering. For most of you unfamiliar with him, this is the same man who declared AIDS was a punishment from God for the immorality of homosexuality, pagans, the ACLU ...

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Irony, thy name is religion

A slightly ironic story appeared on NBC's website today concerning an Alcoholics Anonymous group being banned from holding meetings in a Presbyterian church in Rockville, Maryland for sexual misconduct. Church officials complained the group was operating like a cult. Now, I'm no fan of AA. In fact, I'm very much against the organization; Alcoholics Anonymous is indeed a religious cult, forcing members to de ...

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Black magic in India

Remember the Spanish Inquisition? Not exactly a shining moment for Christianity. Luckily, we can confidently say such shameful barbarism as immolation and torture over something as stupid as practicing magic are relegated to the past, right? Well, no actually. It seems an industrious and rather poorly educated mob in India decided an innocent elderly couple had to be burned alive. Why? Well, apparently they ...

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