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Religious statue damaged by lightning

It seems a little ironic that a statue in Golden Colorado, recently damaged by a bolt of lightning, may not be covered by the church's insurance due to it being considered an 'act of God'. The fact, however, that it hit and destroyed a holy symbol and doesn't appear to unnerve any of the nuns there seems pretty weird to me. Bleeding statues and you have a miracle; a lightning bolt severs the hand of a belo ...

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Ripping people off in the name of God

Many readers on this site may be too young to remember televangelist Peter Popoff. The only reason I know of him is due in no small part to magician and skeptic James Randi. Popoff was a faith healer who achieved fame by making startling predictions about people's ailments during his church services. He was even able to recite their address, as though God had given him a cosmic phone. Obviously skeptical of ...

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