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More Tea Party bigotry

If you still think the Tea Party is a socially conservative, libertarian movement, then you need to pull your head out of your ass and actually pay attention to the shit they are pulling. The latest "so bigoted you'd think this was the 1950's" move involves Tea Party activists sending robo-calls to warn Texans about their new House Speaker being a Jew. John Cook is a member of the State Republican Executive ...

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Duh! New Survey shows Tea Party closely linked to Religious Right

Wow, tell me something I don't know: A new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute (yeah, never heard of them either) showed a significant portion of Tea Baggers are in fact part of the religious right. What a fucking surprise! Although only 47% admitted to this, it's telling 63% thought abortion should be illegal, and only 18% were in favor of gays having the legal right to marry. It makes me wond ...

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Disturbing Information

I found this link and thought some of you might be interested in it. It's a detailed list of police raids that have caused the deaths of innocent people, or resulted in other similar tragedies. Although the CATO institute is a bit too libertarian for my taste (including their reverence for total 'laissez faire' capitalism), they nevertheless are a watchdog for abuse of power in government. Here's a few exam ...

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Litigious gay activists try to sue eHarmony

As a Libertarian, it is my belief that government should be only minimally involved concerning public affairs. This belief also applies in regards to an article featured a few days ago on that reported on a suit brought against eHarmony for allegedly discriminating against homosexuals. Linda Carlson, a lesbian from San Francisco, says she was unable to create a gay profile on the popular site, and w ...

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Gore’s scathing new book targets Bush

It seems almost ironic that Al Gore's power and influence has only grown since leaving office. His provocative documentary An Inconvenient Truth, which won an Oscar, helped bring him international recognition and attention. Now, not content to simply live off his laurels, Gore has written a new book entitled The Assault on Reason, a tirade on the Bush administration. According to, the book open ...

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