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Vatican insiders still frustrated by Pope

I often say the Catholic Church is dangerously out of touch with reality. How could they not be; here is an institution that still clings to most of its doctrinal roots dating back fourteen centuries. They are now stuck with one of the worst Popes in recent history, who seems so isolated from reality he can't even be bothered to notice what everyone is saying about him. The biggest threat they face are the ...

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Cardinals lose faith in Pope

I've written several times about why Catholics need to abandon their institution, especially with the shit the current Pope keeps pulling. Forget the terribly offensive and ignoble acts of pardoning a Holocaust denier, or quoting a 14th century Byzantine Emperor's hate speech. These are small potatoes compared to his edict to cover up child abuse scandals at all costs, and now even his trusted Cardinals hav ...

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Scientology is at it again

Scientologists Try to Explain how Psychiatrists caused 9/11 and the Holocaust from Chris Doyle on Vimeo. Scientologists love to attack psychiatry. They believe it is responsible somehow for all of the evils in the world. They deride all prescription drugs, which they view as fundamentally changing someone's personality. This coming from a group whose main intent is to make money, and to mentally enslave peo ...

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Crippled by fear, UK schools strike events from history class

By now, we've all heard of cases where religion has tried to insert its alternative, often deleterious, truths into science classrooms and textbooks in the US. If this hasn't confused students about the facts, it certainly has presented a perplexing message about how to uncover truths. On the side of evolution, we find an appeal to relentless observation and questioning, whereas on the side of creationism, ...

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