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This is kind of funny

A couple renewing in their vows in the Maldives had a bit of a surprise when it was discovered that the resort employee performing the ceremony was actually insulting the couple in his native tongue. "You are swine. The children that you bear from this marriage will all be bastard swine...Your marriage is not a valid one. You are not the kind of people who can have a valid marriage...One of you is an infide ...

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Buy Bible Stories

The Wait is Finally Over GET IT NOW ON AMAZON! Have you always wanted to read the Bible, but couldn’t get past the first few pages? You aren’t the only one! Most people have never been able to read the "Holy Book”, which is why its disturbing content is generally unknown to the public. Two years ago, I set out to change this. Like Isaac Asimov once said, “The Bible, properly read, is the most potent force f ...

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So close, yet so far away

Mother Nature can be a cruel, nasty bitch. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, asteroids; honestly, I could spend the whole day listing the many ways humans can be crushed, burned, drowned, blown away, or fall to their deaths. When these kinds of senseless tragedies occur (well, senseless to us as natural forces interact), people who still cling to Bronze Age beliefs can often find themse ...

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God’s message to Russia: you suck

A chunk of rock from outer space comes crashing down on a poor unsuspecting Russian population, and in the wake of hundreds injured from the aftershock, a clueless bunch of clowns dressed in unfunny hats declared this to be the act of a deity who enjoys reminding his ant colony that life on Earth is fragile as shit: "I think that not only for the Ural [regions] residents, but for the whole of humanity, the ...

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Shocking: Atheist kids dare to express themselves

If you've never heard of The Blaze (like probably 99% of the population), it's a creation of Glenn Beck and his conservative production company, Mercury Radio Arts (the irony of naming your production company after a metal that makes one insane is probably lost on these people). If the site isn't regularly scaring people into buying gold, it feeds them pseudo information that plays into people's fears and p ...

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