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Death before naptime

I'm no fan of tyrannical dictators, particularly men like Saddam Hussein, even so I can't help but feel a certain regret that Iraq is now far worse in his absence. A scary story appeared on today concerning the growing trend of violent rhetoric being expressed by kindergartners in Iraqi schools. One child was quoted as saying "I'm going to bomb, bomb, bomb the school with everybody in it," while ano ...

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Time machine : Dawkins pushes atheism to the masses is a website devoted to sharing ideas and concepts. On it you'll find tons of videos about all sorts of ideas, amongst them varying viewpoints on religion. This particular video is a 30 minute video lecture by Richard Dawkins recorded in April 2002: The session was titled 'The Design of Life', and the TED audience was probably expecting remarks about evolution's role in our history from biologist Ri ...

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The persistence of Creationism

Why does Creationism and its cousin, Intelligent Design continue to persist in American culture despite the fact both have been exposed as entirely motivated by religion? Even though no serious scientists anywhere accept the baseless theories of ID, the general public in the United States is convinced a serious debate over evolution is being fought. Just what is going on here? As I will demonstrate in this ...

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