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eHarmony has an agenda

I used to be a huge online dater. Let's just say it was insane enough that in the span of 2 years, I went on over 150 dates. So when I say I'm an online dating expert, I'm not joking. I tried out every major dating site, but the one I purposely avoided was eHarmony. I generally found their philosophy of being able to 'pair' people up was deeply flawed, and at the heart of it, they have extremely conservativ ...

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Litigious gay activists try to sue eHarmony

As a Libertarian, it is my belief that government should be only minimally involved concerning public affairs. This belief also applies in regards to an article featured a few days ago on that reported on a suit brought against eHarmony for allegedly discriminating against homosexuals. Linda Carlson, a lesbian from San Francisco, says she was unable to create a gay profile on the popular site, and w ...

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