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Who wants to go book burning?

I've heard of some pretty stupid lawsuits in my day, but this one takes the prize as most insulting and intellectually bankrupt. The case involves a number of plaintiffs who are suing a library in Milwaukee for their decision to allow a controversial book to be in the Young Adult section. The book, Baby Be-Bop, is the story of Dirk and his struggle to come to terms with his homosexuality. The group is suing ...

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When democracy isn’t democratic

Imagine you have an apple pie and there are six people who want a piece. It seems obvious that if you're a fair person, you would go ahead and divide the pie in six equal pieces. This is how small groups of individuals make compromises which allow each person to have an equal opportunity, in this case, to have pie. Now, imagine the pie was much bigger, and there were millions of people who wanted a piece of ...

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Death before naptime

I'm no fan of tyrannical dictators, particularly men like Saddam Hussein, even so I can't help but feel a certain regret that Iraq is now far worse in his absence. A scary story appeared on today concerning the growing trend of violent rhetoric being expressed by kindergartners in Iraqi schools. One child was quoted as saying "I'm going to bomb, bomb, bomb the school with everybody in it," while ano ...

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