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Sarah Palin thinks criticism of violent rhetoric is “blood libel”

Sarah Palin: "America's Enduring Strength" from Sarah Palin on Vimeo. I'm sure you're all aware Sarah Palin finally issued a statement regarding the attempted murder of Gabrielle Giffords, a Democratic Congresswoman who was shot a few days ago in the head. Giffords had appeared on Palin's list of "targets" during the 2010 election, and critics have pointed out the violent rhetoric of the right is partially ...

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Shocker: New study finds American adults are dumb

What's got me riled up today? It could be this recent survey by the Pew forum on Religion and Public life found over two thirds of the adult population of the US believes in angels. And when I say angels, I don't mean dudes like Metatron who only show up when a deranged father is about to kill his youngest son. No, I'm talking about the kinds that are all over the place, supposedly protecting people. I gues ...

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Mother starves kids waiting for God to provide for her

Man, am I glad neither of my parents were religious. We were quite poor when I was young, and it wasn't always easy to make ends meet; luckily, unlike this woman, my parents worked hard to provide for me rather than wait around for some invisible friend in the sky to fix their problems. Estelle Walker is facing a total of 40 years in prison for child endangerment. It seems Walker had been staying at a cabin ...

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More violent rhetoric from preachers

I'm getting uncomfortably acclimatized to the violent rhetoric of pastors in America. It seems like every other day, some local preacher is defending the murder of Dr. Tiller, accusing the man of all kinds of terrible crimes, and raising his murderer to the status of martyr. It's not the first time a deranged killer gets an endorsement from the self appointed messengers of god. You may recall Paul Hill (her ...

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How much control does the media have over us?

One of my recent tirades against Fox News prompted me to write about the degree of control mainstream media has over society. This piece is not meant to lay all the blame of society on their shoulders; rather it is an invitation to consider the fact that perhaps we do not all make rational choices based on a careful examination of the evidence. I am the first to admit it is often easier and more expedient t ...

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How some choose to please God

Some people love the Bible. They receive a form of comfort every time they read a passage they like, and for the most part, it's a fairly innocuous habit. We should not forget, however, that the Bible, when taken as a whole, is an inadequate moral guide for modern society. Kenneth Cummings Jr. learned that lesson only too well, as he lay dying in his home in Pearland, Texas. His murderer, Mark Magnum, who h ...

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