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Witch doctors tell population to slaughter albinos for organ harvesting

Ever knock on wood, or refuse to walk under a ladder? How many of you would never rent an apartment on the 13th floor, or own a black cat? Most of us think superstitions are fairly harmless, but only because we don't take them too seriously. In countries like Tanzania and Burundi, however, crazy superstition (when will the world learn, Stevie Wonder?) is on the loose. It seems as though witch doctors have b ...

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Just whose God are we debating anyway?

Debating God is tough work. For starters, in most circumstances, the audience is not on your side. Agnostics and atheists are the minority in a country where the population describes itself as either religious or very religious. Secondly, anyone debating against the existence of God seems to have the difficult task of trying to disprove the idea, rather than rightly asking any of the claimants for proof. Fi ...

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