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Texas teacher fired for atheism and liberal attitudes

I know I have fans who live in Texas, so I don't want any of you to be too offended when I say it's a seriously messed up place. The latest bit of bad news comes from Brookland, where a teacher by the name of Richard Mullens was fired because parents and other faculty members thought he was an atheist, and way too 'liberal'. There's no indication he's an atheist, and Mr. Mullens has chosen to keep his relig ...

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Texas School Board holding public hearing on evolution

When you read this phrase, undoubtedly, like me, the first thing that comes to mind is "why would you hold a public hearing on evolution? And why would you do this in Texas of all places?". I personally loath these joke hearings meant to ask the public what they want taught in their schools. It's not really up to them. Strange as that may seem to some, education standards are not decided by the general publ ...

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Town split over teacher who burned crosses into students’ arms

From Demonstrations on the town square show how divided people are over the school board's decision to fire a science teacher accused of preaching his Christian beliefs in the classroom and burning crosses on students' arms. John Freshwater, 52, was fired last month after an outside consulting firm released a report concluding that he taught creationism and was insubordinate in failing to remove a ...

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Intelligent Design tries to make a comeback

Just when you were hoping Intelligent Design had gone the way of the Dodo bird, a small town school board always seems to become mired in the controversy. This time, it's the Chesterfield County School District in Virginia, which, in its school memoranda, has decided that it wants students to 'expand their knowledge through research, to debate the concepts as presented, and to develop their creative and ind ...

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Sex scandal at Creation Museum

So, the Creation Museum, still so new to the world, is already getting embroiled in a sex scandal. An actor who appeared as Adam in a video the museum uses to help tell their story of how the universe was created also has or had a little risqué website on the side. The site shows some rather graphic photos and promotes a 'free love' attitude. The horror. This, of course, has gotten the officials at the Muse ...

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Crippled by fear, UK schools strike events from history class

By now, we've all heard of cases where religion has tried to insert its alternative, often deleterious, truths into science classrooms and textbooks in the US. If this hasn't confused students about the facts, it certainly has presented a perplexing message about how to uncover truths. On the side of evolution, we find an appeal to relentless observation and questioning, whereas on the side of creationism, ...

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