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Ken Ham thinks he knows something

If you're not familiar with Ken Ham, then you are officially a fly by night atheist. How could you not know about this crazy Aussie? He's the man behind the Creation Museum, perhaps the largest and most expensive temple to ignorance ever created. With a 27 million dollar budget, and over half a million visitors since it opened in 2007, the Creation Museum is a snapshot in time, a reminder the human race sti ...

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Is your ignorance regular or diet?

If you've been living under a rock, or have only recently tuned in to the 'webs', you may not be aware of the Creation Museum, a 27 million dollar tribute to ignorance. Over half a million people have been 'taught' that the earth is only 6000 years old, and dinosaurs and humans coexisted peacefully in the Garden of Eden. The exhibits involve complex animatronic robots and sophisticated equipment meant to aw ...

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Conservative pizza mogul builds new Eden

I don't spend a lot of time wondering where my money goes when I buy food. I figure it's going to the employees, the owner of the franchise, and whatever is left goes to some obscure CEO locked up in an office, counting his money. I always figured these guys were like Scrooge; they made you work in the cold, giving you as little time off to spend with your invalid son as possible. It never occurred to me so ...

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Accommodation or confrontation?

Since arriving in Calgary, I made a simple promise to myself I would further my involvement in the local atheist community. It was therefore fortuitous that after only of few days of adjusting to my new surroundings, an opportunity to meet up with other atheists presented itself in the form of a lecture. Held at the University of Calgary last night, it was entitled "The Evolution-Creation Controversy". Dr. ...

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Meetup Reminder: University of Calgary Lecture

In case some of you forgot, today Carisa and I will be attending a lecture at the University of Calgary entitled "The Evolution - Creation Controversy" by David Eberth, of the Royal Tyrrell Museum. It should be good fun, and anyone who wants to come out for drinks after is welcome! See you soon Calgary peeps! ...

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Genesis Code, coming soon to a DVD bargain bin

I'm looking forward to watching this poorly acted piece of propaganda for a few reasons. 1) I get to watch Lance Henriksen's career continue to be flushed down the toilet, 2) It stars well known MMA fighter Rich Franklin, who also cut the ribbon at the creationist museum, and 3) I get to watch how Christians portray non-believers, which is always guaranteed comedic gold. I suppose it'll also be pretty hilar ...

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