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An open letter to Sam Harris

Perhaps I'm not the best person to offer advice on how to deal with trolls. My site gets relatively light traffic, and the people who visit tend to be way too polite, nice, or otherwise supportive. My lack of popularity in a sense has shielded me from the kind of criticism you're reglarly subjected to. Still, I feel I understand why your positions have been so villified, and why you often find yourself outs ...

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Christians offended that textbook calls creationism “biblical myth”

Who else but Fox and Friends would be willing to report on this "non-story". It turns out that a 1998 biology textbook entitled "Asking About Life" has some pretty honest words concerning creationism and its religious roots. Unsurprisingly, some Christians are feeling singled out. While it's true that they aren't the only morons who think that something complex can't possibly be the result of natural forces ...

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Facebook kills “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” page

You can't expect a private corporation to care about something as important as free speech, but it's still a disappointment to hear the childish cries of outraged Muslims all over the world was enough for Facebook to kill the "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day" page from the "interwebs". It's equally ironic/tragic the woman responsible for the whole thing also retracted and issued a sincere apology (even going so ...

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Hitchens laments the appeasement of fundamentalists

Here's an article from Christopher Hitchens on Yale University Press and their decision to censor their own book out of fear of Islamic violence. Yale University Press announced last week that it would go ahead with the publication of the book, but it would remove from it the 12 caricatures that originated the controversy. Not content with this, it is also removing other historic illustrations of the likene ...

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Holding priests accountable

There are some passionate people out there with plenty of time on their hands. Most of them channel it by watching shitty television programs that slowly rot their brains. Luckily, a few of them end up trying to devote their lives to a worthy cause; and what could be better than trying to hold priests accountable for molesting children? Literally, I can't think of anything that would rival it. This site doe ...

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