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How death works in Islam

Apparently, when I'm in the grave, two angels are going to hit me in the face with a hammer if I don't answer I am a Muslim. Then 90 hell snakes come in, and they will bite me unless I start praying to Allah. This is all very technical. Luckily this guy knows for sure what will happen, because Mohammad told him, and he never told a lie, right? Or was that George Washington? Oh yeah, and apparently this guy ...

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The Good Atheist 004

After a 2 week absence, amidst rabid protest of fans and bored people alike, The Good Atheist podcast is back! In this episode, my host Ryan Harkness and I will discuss the movie The Secret in detail (if you are unaware of just what the heck that is, click here to see the video). We'll also talk about how a princess in the Netherlands thinks she can talk to angels. Note: although the podcast was originally ...

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Pope backs Intelligent Design

If you want any solid proof that a Pope is as flawed, ignorant, and uneducated as the rest of us, look no further than Benedict XVI. When he isn't busy making controversial statements about Islam, he likes to take a breather by trying to dismantle evolution by means of Natural Selection by perpetually pointing at dusty old tomes. His latest blunder comes care of an off collar remark asking: "[h]ow many of t ...

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