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Religious people are easily frightened

TGA reader Ben sent me this link. It's from a Australian news site, and deals with the issue of having secular ethics as an option for primary school parents. Seems as though the staff and parents aren't too pleased about it: Research director Jenny Stokes said: "If you go there, where do you stop? What about witchcraft or Satanism? If you accredit humanism, then those things would have an equal claim to be ...

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Children in Nigeria victims of superstition

In a small village in Nigeria, a little boy of 5 years of age is frightened and confused. His mother and father have abandoned him; their normally loving embrace will never be felt again. The other villagers are angry, and some of them throw stones at him. He does not cry. Part of him has accepted his fate, and the rejection of his loved ones is enough to make the boy numb. The only question in his mind is ...

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Black magic in India

Remember the Spanish Inquisition? Not exactly a shining moment for Christianity. Luckily, we can confidently say such shameful barbarism as immolation and torture over something as stupid as practicing magic are relegated to the past, right? Well, no actually. It seems an industrious and rather poorly educated mob in India decided an innocent elderly couple had to be burned alive. Why? Well, apparently they ...

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