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Gazette Interview: Part 2

Some propose constructing a new language to be taught internationally, designed specifically to be easy to learn and understand, would you support such an idea? The idea of creating a new language was tried many years ago, and it was a dismal failure. Esperanto is now considered to be a joke among philologists (people who study languages). Generally speaking, it would be unrealistic to assume that anyone wo ...

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Children in Nigeria victims of superstition

In a small village in Nigeria, a little boy of 5 years of age is frightened and confused. His mother and father have abandoned him; their normally loving embrace will never be felt again. The other villagers are angry, and some of them throw stones at him. He does not cry. Part of him has accepted his fate, and the rejection of his loved ones is enough to make the boy numb. The only question in his mind is ...

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List of superstitions McCain believes in

From Crooks and Liars Consider what we've learned about McCain's superstitions: * McCain believes it's bad luck for someone to hand him a salt shaker. * McCain believes it's bad luck to throw a hat onto a bed. * McCain regularly carries 31 cents in lucky change in his pocket. * McCain carries a lucky feather, a lucky compass, a lucky penny, a lucky nickel, a lucky quarter, and a laminated four-leaf clover. ...

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Two-faced baby worshiped in India

I've written a few articles on many of the strange superstitions that run rampant in India. Luckily, this one is a much less harmful (especially compared to witch burnings), although still just as damn weird. It seems a baby was born near New Delhi that has two faces, and now the locals believe she is the reincarnation of a god. Since I don't like being a depressing atheist killjoy all the time, I'll tell y ...

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Is atheism a religion?

As a writer, the appeal of discussing atheism stems largely from the fact that although its definition may be simple, the philosophies surrounding it are not. There are so many different responses to atheism that some have begun to call it a religion. But is this true? Is atheism a religion, and if not, does it emulate any of the elements of it? As I will show in this article, the answer to that question no ...

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