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Vatican denies Pope was a Hitler Youth

Just a day after delivering a speech at Israel's Holocaust Memorial (known as Yad Vashem) to a rather unimpressed crowd, the Vatican made a statement denying the Pope's enrollment in the Hitler Youth, despite the fact Ratzinger had already admitted he had been a member of the Flakhelfer, the anti-aircraft auxiliary corps of the Hitler Youth. The logic behind this obviously false statement is damage control ...

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Vatican insiders still frustrated by Pope

I often say the Catholic Church is dangerously out of touch with reality. How could they not be; here is an institution that still clings to most of its doctrinal roots dating back fourteen centuries. They are now stuck with one of the worst Popes in recent history, who seems so isolated from reality he can't even be bothered to notice what everyone is saying about him. The biggest threat they face are the ...

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The Catholic Church needs to be abandoned

I want to send out a clear message today about the Catholic Church. I know many Catholics are feeling persecuted, brow beaten, and tired of all of the bad press they've been getting recently. It doesn't help matters when your Pope quotes a Byzantine Emperor who claimed that Islam was spread by holy war. If you think that's bad, you need to sit down to hear this staggeringly horrible piece of news: Pope Bene ...

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Pope backs Intelligent Design

If you want any solid proof that a Pope is as flawed, ignorant, and uneducated as the rest of us, look no further than Benedict XVI. When he isn't busy making controversial statements about Islam, he likes to take a breather by trying to dismantle evolution by means of Natural Selection by perpetually pointing at dusty old tomes. His latest blunder comes care of an off collar remark asking: "[h]ow many of t ...

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Church reinstates Islamic department

Tensions are running high between the Islamic world and the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI. In order to avoid further alienation, and to improve relations between the two faiths, the Pope has re-instated the Vatican's Islam department, according to The move means everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, since he will now have a little more perspective as to the sensibilities ...

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