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Peter Popoff is at it again

There are few men with the batting record of Peter Popoff. The man seems to have an innate ability to scam people out of their hard-earned money, and does so without breaking a sweat. He's been largely free to bamboozle people out of their hard earned money using the best shield against rationality, responsibility and accountability: religion. He began in the 70's as a faith healer, racking up millions of d ...

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Compton pastor suspected of embezzling $800,000 from church

Religious devotees are so much more righteous than us lowly atheists, don't you agree? How else can you explain the fact they are less likely to commit a crime, have a divorce, or abuse drugs. Oh wait, that's actually the opposite, but hey, who's counting? The latest story of delicious impropriety on the part of the faithful comes from Compton, where Rev. E. Joshua Sims has been arrested after he was suspec ...

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Faith healing and the manipulation of the desperate

On a normal day in February. Bernadette Soubirous, a 14 year old living in the small town of Lourdes in France, was gathering firewood with her sisters near a small grotto. She became aware of a presence, and claims a lady in a white robe with a golden rose on each foot appeared before her. Her sisters, who were present at the time, did not report seeing anything of the sort. Bernadette would return to the ...

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Ripping people off in the name of God

Many readers on this site may be too young to remember televangelist Peter Popoff. The only reason I know of him is due in no small part to magician and skeptic James Randi. Popoff was a faith healer who achieved fame by making startling predictions about people's ailments during his church services. He was even able to recite their address, as though God had given him a cosmic phone. Obviously skeptical of ...

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