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Conservatives have their panties in a twist over Avatar

It was bound to happen; a number of conservative blogs are already complaining that Avatar is anti-American leftist propaganda, glorifying the Na'vi and showing humans as the bad guys. The main character's choice to stand by the Na'vi is seen by the right as the ultimate treachery to both God and capitalism (two things that conservatives seem unable to disassociate). The problem with life on earth is not Ca ...

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Happy Canada Day

Now, I am no patriot. Although I'm happy to be a Canadian, and I love where I live, I feel no real need to wear the colors of my country of birth and proclaim the first of July a special day. I understand why some choose to, and I don't usually make too much of a fuss if others around me feel the need to celebrate. But consider for a moment the idea that nationalism may be a serious barrier to the future pr ...

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Does the Religious Right exist?

There's an interesting article here which argues there is, in fact, no Religious Right. The arguments are convincing; it does sound at first glance there has been an over simplification on whether or not a discernable movement is actually present. It would seem illogical to assume there are secret clandestine meetings involving hundreds of pastors and clergymen, all agreeing on the best course of action to ...

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A day to think about the meaning of freedom

I'm not an American. I live in Canada, and although our two nations share many things in common, our views of liberty and patriotism differ significantly. This difference is rooted in the past, and how our countries gained their independence. For Canadians, the sovereignty of our nation took the form of endless negotiation. By the time our country was properly formed, some 140 years ago, the British Empire' ...

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