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How to annoy your coworkers, Jesus style

You know what I love? I love it when I'm at the office, and someone vaguely familiar with their religion decides that it's their duty to try and convert me to whatever bullshit they believe in at the time. Yes, there's nothing in this world I love more than watching these people squirm when you start asking them questions their priest never really prepared them for. What's the deal with Jesus and his intens ...

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All opposed to religious influence in politics, say “Nay” and be ignored

It doesn't matter how loud you scream in your opposition to religion being intertwined with politics. The decision has already been made. For those of you who thought perhaps the Democratic party had finally woken up to the idea that us 'nones' are an important enough minority that our desire to have a true separation of church and state would influence their policy. We were tantalized with the possibility ...

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Is this the best Christian Apologists can do?

It ain't easy being a Christian: sure, they might be the majority (for now), but every other day the faith is challenged by objective reality. While many Christians will scoff at the idea that their religion is in trouble, the truth is that countries like Canada, Sweden, and Australia are quickly shedding their religious coat in favor of a broader "spirituality" that doesn't have to deal with the many incon ...

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The Mickey incident, Part 2

Some of you may recall a story I featured a few weeks ago about a children's television show starring a high pitched voiced Mickey Mouse rip-off, who encouraged children to fight Israel. Amid international pressure, the producers finally decided to drop the character, but not before adding their own little psychotic twist by martyring him. We're all aware that there are organized indoctrination campaigns al ...

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An appeal to reason

A comment appeared in one of my stories which deserves some attention, and I would like to take the opportunity not only to clarify my position on the matter, but also to address many of the points brought up in his arguments. I thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss what my opinions are concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, lest my audience assume I am one sided on the issue. We'll begin ...

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