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Canadian government isn’t doing the right thing

I've never understood why the Canadian government is so adamant about keeping certain immigrants while simultaneously trying to kick others out, especially when the people we send back to their home countries are in danger. While we harbor ex Nazis, mafia criminals, and other genocidal monsters, we also try to get rid of good people who seek our protection. Roohi Tabassum is an illegal immigrant who says sh ...

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Playing with fire gets you burned

The attacks of September 11th, 2001 had a profound impact on Beverly Giesebrecht. Unlike most of her Canadian peers, Beverly felt the attacks were more than justified, and she quickly converted to Islam and began work on a website with clear pro-Taliban leanings. She traveled to Egypt for two years to study the Qur'an before finally ending up in Pakistan where she met up with them. The meeting, however, app ...

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Standoff in mosque

More trouble in Pakistan, as Islamic fundamentalists kidnapped two police officers and are holding them hostage in a mosque in Islamabad, asking that the government impose 'Islamic rule' in the country. The standoff continues, as the military is hesitant to take any action for fear of creating a volatile situation in a country that seems poised to become another fundamentalist state. The rhetoric that spew ...

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