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Facebook kills!

If you're like me, you use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and find people you haven't talked to in years. But in restrictive, religious countries, the site has a reputation for being a 'lustful hotbed of activity'. That's why a young Saudi Arabian woman was murdered by her father, who caught her having a conversation with an unknown man. He beat and then shot his own daughter, presumably an honor ki ...

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Bible Stories Preview

CHAPTER 1: GENESIS   Creation: Part One In the beginning of everything that ever was, God created the heavens and the Earth. A boring, formless mass of liquid cloaked in darkness, the Earth had relatively low property value but tons of potential. The Spirit of God, hovering above it like a comic book villain, said “Let there be light” and the whole place lit up magically without any point of origin. To ...

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Christians are inadvertently hilarious

If you're a regular to the site, you're bound to have read an article I wrote a while ago called "10 reasons why Superman is better than Jesus", my tongue-in-cheek comparison of these two fictional characters. This article still receives a lot of traffic, not to mention endless comments about how I'm supposed to believe there really was a historical Jesus (if you want to read a great article explaining just ...

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I like being angry, thanks

I asked a friend of mine a few days ago if she felt I had changed in the past 5 years of knowing me. She replied by saying she felt I was a lot less angry than I was before. I suppose that's true (to be fair, back then I wasn't really getting laid much), but I would actually argue in a lot of ways, I'm actually a lot more frustrated than I ever was. The reason is I've put myself in a position to get angry o ...

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