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Bahamas divided over Sexual Offenses Act

You have to wonder what century we're living in sometimes. The Bahamas is currently a hotbed of controversy as men and women are passionately debating about the amendment of a Bill intended to protect women against marital rape. It seems some don't believe rape is ever possible once the couple is actually married, and you can guess what 'historical' document they are using to prove their claim: yep, it's th ...

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Don’t rush to conclusions

I received a message to check out a story floating around the bloggersphere about a huge wedding involving hundreds of child brides in Gaza (I thought it a bit weird that the mainstream media had missed that big story). Naturally I wanted to know more, but as I dug a little deeper, I realized the real story was the deep distrust of Muslims in general, and powerful Islamophobia that exists on the web. OK, ma ...

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An appeal to reason

A comment appeared in one of my stories which deserves some attention, and I would like to take the opportunity not only to clarify my position on the matter, but also to address many of the points brought up in his arguments. I thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss what my opinions are concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, lest my audience assume I am one sided on the issue. We'll begin ...

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