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Ripping people off in the name of God

Many readers on this site may be too young to remember televangelist Peter Popoff. The only reason I know of him is due in no small part to magician and skeptic James Randi. Popoff was a faith healer who achieved fame by making startling predictions about people's ailments during his church services. He was even able to recite their address, as though God had given him a cosmic phone. Obviously skeptical of ...

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Forced conversion fears in Pakistan

A recent article on BBCNEWS reports a tiny Christian minority in Pakistan is facing dire threats to convert to Islam or face annihilation. The group has asked the government to provide protection, though it feels not enough is being done to keep them safe. I just feel the need to ask: just what exactly is the point of converting these people? Evidently you cannot force someone to believe what you do, partic ...

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A thought on fossil fuels

I had a random thought this morning, one I thought I might share with you concerning an article I read about NASA's discovery of widespread evidence of Antarctic melting. It's no mystery many global warming deniers are conservative religious folks in the so-called heartland. I have no doubt a significant portion of these individuals also contend the earth is not billions of years old, but rather a paltry s ...

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A farewell to Falwell

Big news today in the world of politics and religion; a certain televangelist, Jerry Falwell, collapsed and died yesterday afternoon, presumably from cardiac arrest. Now, with a man like Falwell, there's quite a bit to say, most of which is unflattering. For most of you unfamiliar with him, this is the same man who declared AIDS was a punishment from God for the immorality of homosexuality, pagans, the ACLU ...

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