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What about God?

Here's a great documentary from PBS called "What about God". I think I can easily answer this question by an equally useless one: "What about the flying spaghetti monster?" Watching these kids at Wheaton College try and reconcile their fairy tale bullshit with science is an exercise in futility if I ever saw it. I almost feel bad for them, until I remember these are the same people who are holding back scie ...

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Pedophile priest told victims assaults weren’t against “God’s word”

Need further proof human beings use religions to justify their own sick desires and fantasies? Take Simon Antony Jacobs, in North Sydney, who was recently arrested after it became known he sexually assualted 2 boys repeatedly during the 1970's and 80's. One of the victims, 11 years of age at the time, confronted Jacobs during the abuse, saying the Bible seemed to take offense with the whole "man lying with ...

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Finally, proof God is real!

You hear that ladies? All you need to do to be hot like Selma Hayek is to put your hands in holy water and pray for God to give you gigantic Latino breasticles. I have seen the light, folks. Hallelujah! ...

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Discuss: Does God have a dick?

Ok, this might sound like a stupid question, but consider the fact that religious folks love to claim that we were made in the image of God. If that's true, does this all powerful entity have a penis? Let the speculation begin! ...

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Global Warming denier claims God will protect us

With the GOP back in power in the House, religious fundies are free to get appointed to important committees they are completely unqualified to run. Here we see Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) as he argues in 2009 humans have nothing to fear from climate change, as God has promised in the Bible not to destroy mankind again (except of course when he comes back down to earth to kill most of us). So what job does t ...

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Satan 1, God 0

No one can explain why the floor collapsed? Why, it's the work of Satan of course. What else could possibly have led to the floor giving way and injuring all those Christian teens in a sacred place of worship? ...

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