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Bush and his insane beliefs

Now that former President Bush is no longer in the White House, his ability to control public opinion has waned, and frightening new facts are being revealed that demonstrate the kind of fanatical, dangerous ideas George believed in. When trying to form his coalition shortly before the war, Bush spoke to French president Jacques Chirac, informing him the forces of Apocalypse were amassing in the Middle East ...

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TGA Podcast: Episode 193

This week, we confront my 'Ageism' and discuss 'generational theory' and why the world is as crappy as it is. Plus, more on the Tea Party and who comprises their ranks. It's a must for any political junkie. SHOW NOTES Introduction: Lecture on Tea Party by Prof. Theda Skocpol lecture at Oxford:[5] 1980-2000 - Millennials or Generation Y 1965-1979 -  Generation X 1946-1964 -  Baby Boom 1925-1945 -  Silent Gen ...

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Rick Perry on Abstinence

So, according to this uneducated redneck madman, it doesn't seem to matter whether or not abstinence works. It's far more important that due to his old fashioned beliefs, kids should not be taught the safest ways to have sex. Watch him struggle to answer even the most basic facts concerning the total ineffectiveness of abstinence. Who needs evidence when you have blind belief? Here's a man so fantastically ...

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Tony Blair is a scumbag

There are lots of reasons to dislike Tony Blair. The fact he supported and participated in the War in Iraq already qualifies him as downright dastardly, and his growing religiosity is becoming a matter of serious concern. He's made no bones about trying to be President of the European Council, and considering Europe is largely secular, his recent statements should alarm any atheist or agnostic living there: ...

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