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On conspiracy theories

On November 22nd, 1963, the President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was shot and killed during a parade in Dallas, Texas. It was a gorgeous clear day, one few expected would forever change the lives of so many Americans. Though he was rushed to the hospital, Kennedy died immediately from a fatal shot to the head, the impact of which destroyed a significant portion of his brain. Not long aft ...

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New Bonus Show is up

This week, we dissect 9/11 conspiracy theories, discuss the crazy situation in Egypt, and lament at the fact the Pope's visit took money away from the needy. If you love the show and want more, become a patron today for 20 bucks a year. That's $1.67 a month, and you gain instant access to the show as well as our back catalog. If you've got crazy commutes and lots of time on your hands, it's worth the price ...

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TGA Podcast: Episode 115

This week, we discuss conspiracy theories in classrooms, young atheists leaving churches in droves, and the latest on the 'War on Christmas'. Man, Americans sure love the sound of the word war, don't they? Oh, and we also make fun of my terrible high-school grades. Don't miss out! If you love TGA and want more, remember we have a bonus show, and for 20 bucks a year, you gain access to our huge catalog of sh ...

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Bigot Pastor slams Travoltas

I get a kick when one religion claims another belief system is totally stupid and illogical. The gargantuan effort of trying to make someone else seem silly when your own beliefs are farcical never ceases to amaze me. It's akin to saying "that guy's is freakin' crazy, man! He eats his poo raw. Everyone knows you have to cook it!" Brother Harry Hardwick argues that Travolta neglected to seek treatment for hi ...

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The inequities of the ‘War on Terror’

On December 14th, 1999, a man named Amhed Ressam was arrested crossing the Canadian-American border. Custom officials found explosives hidden in his spare tire, and more bomb making materials in his apartment in Montreal, Quebec. He was subsequently interrogated, and in return for a lighter sentence, Ressam would reveal the existence of a complex sleeper cell network to investigators, eventually leading to ...

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