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A continued correspondence

A few days ago, I posted a letter I sent to my Christian counterpart. Here is his reply, and my answer to him: Dear goodatheist, Thanks for replying. I just read everything you said and I agree on some issues with you. I also can understand why you became an atheist. If I was probably in your position I would become one too because of the bad experience and of the education the Greek Mythology class. I also ...

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Christian rationalist points blaming finger at atheists

Let's face it; we're used to being generally despised; it's so unsurprising, in fact, that when I fell upon this site,, I practically glossed over the familiar rhetoric of atheists are deluded and wrong. Had I done so, I would have missed the opportunity to read an article by the obscure author of Letters to a Christian Nation: Counterpoint. Although the title may sound lik ...

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Pope backs Intelligent Design

If you want any solid proof that a Pope is as flawed, ignorant, and uneducated as the rest of us, look no further than Benedict XVI. When he isn't busy making controversial statements about Islam, he likes to take a breather by trying to dismantle evolution by means of Natural Selection by perpetually pointing at dusty old tomes. His latest blunder comes care of an off collar remark asking: "[h]ow many of t ...

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Is atheism a religion?

As a writer, the appeal of discussing atheism stems largely from the fact that although its definition may be simple, the philosophies surrounding it are not. There are so many different responses to atheism that some have begun to call it a religion. But is this true? Is atheism a religion, and if not, does it emulate any of the elements of it? As I will show in this article, the answer to that question no ...

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Archie the bible thumper

I remember Archie comics fondly as a kid. Although the storylines were always predictable and innocuous, I had a deep appreciation for such familiarity. Looking back, however, I couldn't help but notice that the quaint vision of life in America was a product of the pining for simpler times, when teenagers worried about who they would take to the big dance, and drug, violence, and sex was never an issue. Th ...

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Black magic in India

Remember the Spanish Inquisition? Not exactly a shining moment for Christianity. Luckily, we can confidently say such shameful barbarism as immolation and torture over something as stupid as practicing magic are relegated to the past, right? Well, no actually. It seems an industrious and rather poorly educated mob in India decided an innocent elderly couple had to be burned alive. Why? Well, apparently they ...

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