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The LA Times believes Digg has an atheist agenda

I frequently use I'll admit I am partial to the left wing slant most of the articles seem to have, but if I am to believe the LA Times, the site has some kind of atheist agenda. Call me crazy, but since when has expressing your opinions become equivalent to trying to spark a revolution? Yes, it's true a large proportion of Digg users appear to be atheists, but so what? Is it some dark agenda, or m ...

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When democracy isn’t democratic

Imagine you have an apple pie and there are six people who want a piece. It seems obvious that if you're a fair person, you would go ahead and divide the pie in six equal pieces. This is how small groups of individuals make compromises which allow each person to have an equal opportunity, in this case, to have pie. Now, imagine the pie was much bigger, and there were millions of people who wanted a piece of ...

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One step forward, two steps back

A few weeks ago, I was contemplating whether or not I should continue trying to write my book on atheism. Part of my hesitation came from the fact there are already so many books on the subject, and everyone with a soapbox believes they have something to say on the issue. It can make a person's own opinion on the subject feel small and relatively unimportant. Still, events seem to conspire to force me into ...

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More on the Temple of Science

We talked a little bit about the Temple of Science a few weeks back, and now Wired has an interview with the creator. Artist Builds Temple of Science | Wired Science from Keats' conception of that idea took shape as a two-story building complete with stained-glass windows patterned after cosmic microwave background radiation and a liturgy based on the sounds of the Big Bang. The Atheon opened Sept ...

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