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Al-Qaeda is hilariously out of touch

People who live in a bubble of delusion have a difficult time getting in touch with reality. Michael Jackson is the poster boy for delusion; this was the same man whose home was called 'Neverland', and who arrived at the Grammy Awards with a 12 year old boy as a date. In order for Mike to find redemption and hopefully lose his leper status, he's decided to convert to Islam, and Al-Qaeda sees this as a sign ...

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Al Qaeda releases women’s magazine

Ladies, did you know napalm isn't only useful for sending American G.I's to hell; it's also great for the skin! This and other great tips are yours with a subscription to al-Shamika, a women's magazine being published by your favorite terrorist organization, al-Qaeda. al-Shamika’s table of contents lists articles on “Marrying a jihadist,” “Sharia law that applies to you” and “Your house is your kingdom,” as ...

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Conservative talk show host gets waterboarded

Perhaps one of the most disturbing aspects of the war on terror is the fact the United States has admitted it uses waterboarding as an interrogation technique. While all the experts agree that the practice is indeed torture, it hasn't prevented conservative mouthpieces from declaring 'throwing a little water' on someone's face is a justifiable practice to prevent terrorism. You may recall Khalid Sheikh Moha ...

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Obama defends the Constitution

There's still a bit of hope that not every American politician has lost sight of the importance of their founding document, the Constitution. Barack Obama went on the offensive, criticizing the GOP for a comment Sarah Palin made about him in a speech: "Al-Qaeda terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America and he's worried that someone won't read them their rights." Obama stated that habeus ...

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