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2012 Doomsday soothsayers are all insane

Last podcast, Ryan and I talked about the hilarious idea that the Earth will come to an end on Dec. 21, 2012. This day, made famous by the fact that the Mayan calendar essentially resets, is the latest date doomsday enthusiasts have claimed will mark the end of days.  The majority of these soothsayers actually have no idea why the calendar ends, and incorrectly assume Mayans somehow "decided" not to have a ...

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Gore’s scathing new book targets Bush

It seems almost ironic that Al Gore's power and influence has only grown since leaving office. His provocative documentary An Inconvenient Truth, which won an Oscar, helped bring him international recognition and attention. Now, not content to simply live off his laurels, Gore has written a new book entitled The Assault on Reason, a tirade on the Bush administration. According to, the book open ...

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SeaWorld tragedy could have been avoided by following scripture

A few days ago, an orca named Tilikum dragged trainer Dawn Brancheau down into the water, drowning her before a crowd of spectators. This wasn't the first time the killer whale was involved in a deadly incident, and this has galvanized the American Family Association into action. They released a statement saying this tragedy could have been avoided had the owners of SeaWorld simply followed scripture: Chalk ...

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Is the world ready for the death of God?

There are casualties in the struggle to answer fundamental questions about the universe. For a long time, it has been powerful religious institutions that have burned, sliced, chopped, eviscerated, and snuffed opposing world views that undermined their own. Some may claim the Inquisition and Crusades were political in nature, but it cannot be denied the strength of the Church's power and the continued desir ...

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