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Creationist Pimp Harun Yahya is back

Remember Harun Yahya? He's the Turkish creationist that published a book called "The Atlas of Creation", his attempt to "prove" that animals were created spontaneously by his personal God. Most of the pictures in this massive 768 page monstrosity are ripped right off the Internet. One picture of a fly is in fact a metal lure. Yes, he's that fucking incompetent. Harun Yahya is the pseudonym of Adnan Oktar, 5 ...

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Atheists responsible for terrorism, apparently

Remember this guy? He keeps appearing all over the place, trying to pimp his book, The Atlas of Creation. It's really just a glorified picture book with a shitload of inaccuracies, lies, and just plain old ignorance. I normally try and ignore the words and pronunciations of unmitigated fools and liars, but the amount of bullshit coming out of this Adnan Oktar is simply too much to bear. Here is one of his i ...

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Oh noes! It’s the collapse of “Darwinism” in Europe!

Remember this clown? I put up a post a few months ago about Harun Yahya (also known as Adnan Oktar), who's back to making outrageous claims that have no factual basis. The first minute of this video is just his face plastered all over the place. It's obvious he wants to be adored and admired. Too bad he's an idiot. If you can manage to watch the whole thing, then I commend you on your ability to hold food d ...

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A waste of time

If you want to know how to waste your time, then how about trying to prove to a rich creationist that transitional fossils exist. Adnan Oktar is a wealthy writer who is the Turkish equivalent of Richard Dawkins (in light of the country's failure to accept evolutionary theory, he's as good as it gets). He's supposedly put up a trillion lira up (that's roughly 7 million dollars), daring anyone to provide evid ...

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