TGA Podcast: Episode 134

This week, we wrap up Part 3 of our Moses Trilogy, and it's the bloodiest and craziest one yet! If you haven't yet heard Part II, remember to sign up for our freebie membership. As the name indicates, it doesn't cost anything but 2 minutes of your time. You could also skip this needless romance and become a paying patron and benefit from an extra podcast a week for the next year, all for 20 bucks! It's a gr ...

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TGA Podcast: Episode 133

This week Ryan joins me for another Bible Story. Now, since we're covering Moses in this show, we've actually had to break it up into three parts! Part two will be a bonus show, but just to show you that I'm not a total dick, it'll be free for anyone who registers for a free membership. So enjoy Part 1 of the Moses Trilogy! ...

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