About Us

I stand by all the misstatements that I’ve made. – Dan Quayle

Born and raised in the myserious country of Canada, I developed from an early age the ability to talk my way through anything. While this artful skill might otherwise have gone to waste in academia, I chose instead to pursue a career writing and speaking my mind about an issue I felt was important: atheism. After the release of Sam Harris’  book, The End of Faith, his concept that even non-action can condone violence hit home. I wanted to do more, and felt compelled to use my skills in a medium still bubbling with potential: podcasts. That was over 4 years ago and counting.

I’m not alone in this journey. Over the years, I’ve enlisted the help of my closest friends, funny and talented people who make the show possible.

Ryan Harkness: Some people like to refer to Ryan as my foil: he’s probably one of the few people who can see through my bullshit and ridicule me as a result. He keeps me grounded, and he’s the ‘average Joe’ of the show. Ryan’s views on atheism are different from mine, and this perspective helps cover a broad range of opinions. He’s also fearless; Ryan has no problem talking about controversial hot button topics and dragging me in with him, often with hilarious results. Ryan and I have a real flow, a product of having recorded hundreds of podcasts together. Yet even after all these years, we still manage to keep things fresh and lively. Couldn’t have made it this far without him. Ryan is also the creator/ head writer for Fightlinker.com

Carisa Hendrix: Originally a fan of the show, I was enamored by her from the moment I first Internet stalked her. Beautiful, articulate, strong willed, and mature, Carisa is adventurous and brave. She eats fire for a living  (among other things), having produced an instructional DVD to assist others in doing something crazy. Carisa forces me out of my comfort zone, calls me out when I say shit I know little about and makes sure I don’t sit on my ass playing video games all day. In many ways we’re very much alike, which suited my narcissism quite well. Shows with Carisa tend to be informative, since she’s always over-preparing for them! Check out her site too.

Jeffrey Jones: I’ve been friends with Jeff since I can remember, although we were not very close in high school (we did share a locker, which totally means something). It was in college – a midway point between high school and University – that our friendship really started. Jeff is probably the funniest of all my friends; he’s always quick with a joke, and just as quick with a laugh. Shows with Jeff are always a bit silly and disjointed, but it’s guaranteed to make you look dumb when you’re laughing out loud in public. In his spare time, Jeff works on his webcomic, DownandOut.ca

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