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The MMR Vaccine / Autism story from start to finish

We've covered a lot of the MMR vaccine / autism controversy on the Good Atheist, but I don't think it's ever been laid out from start to finish in as concise a format as in this comic from Darryl Cunningham. From major conflicts of interest to falsifying data to the unethical treatment of children (which included colonoscopies and lumbar punctures amongst other unnecessarily shitty tests), there's 15 pages ...

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Anti-vaccination movement gets tooled

Remember the controversy surrounding Andrew Wakefield and his Lancet article that tried to make a link between autism and the MMR vaccine? If you don't, the basic 30 second version goes something like this: In 1998 Wakefield writes publishes a paper suggesting a link between autism and gastrointestinal disease with the MMR vaccine, and asks the government to stop distributing the vaccine until more study is ...

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Open letter to Oprah

If you don't watch her show or buy her stupid magazine, you might not be aware of the reigning endorsement Oprah is currently giving to her friend, Jenny McCarthy. Jenny used to be hot shit, but then she got preggers and disappeared from the limelight, only to emerge as one of the main anti-vaccination spokespeople. You may recall there are still some unfortunate people who think there is a connection betwe ...

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