Drug Facts About Kratom Capsules: What They Are, Side Effects, and MoreIntroduction: What Are Kratom capsulesKratom capsules can either be used as stimulant(at very low levels), or a sedative(at very high levels). You cannot find these capsules in places like Thailand or Australia. However, you can find them here in the US. Some government agencies tried to get the drug banned. Many of them starting to categorize it as a Category One stimulant(kind of in the vain of other drugs like heroin and ectasy). That ban has been put on hold due to health experts needing more investigations conducted on the capsules.What Effects Does The Drug Have?It depends on how the person is and their overall objective with Kratom. Some people take it as mild stimulant. This works to improve concentration and helps you to be more alert.Others take between 10-25 grams of Kratom. These are the people who want to get a euphoric feeling. They want to feel sedated and calm inside(to the point where they are numb and feel nothing). Now some argue that trying to find Bizarro Incense online can give you the same feeling. Some have even gone so far as to use them in combating opioid addiction. Opioid addiction can very painful(I speak from personal experience). That is why some use Kratom. It proves to be a safer alternative to ween off of the opioids. Are These Capsules Safe To Use(Even Recreationally)?In speaking with many health experts, many do not have a concrete answer for the question. Some health experts argue there is a component(Alkalids), which could prove to be equally as fatal. The reason is that the component sends similar receptive signals to the brain that opioids and heroin do(as well as other drugs listed under the category). Some doctors have gone so far as to say that the capsules can be just as addictive(espeiclaly if taken in high doses, and over a long period). Doctors argue that some men and women could go through similar withdrawal symptoms(like other addictive drugs)including hallucinations, muscle spasms, difficulty with sleeping(especially when you try to stop using them), and nausea. Other ConcernsThere is another issue concerning the capsules. Back in 2018, the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning about the capsules. According to their report, there was small outbreak of salmonella in at least 20 different states. According to those same reports, the capusles was a related factor within the outbreak itself. Now, to be clear, the results of this outbreak were not deemed “deadly” concerning the capsules, but it was enough to garner attention. Many argued the way the capusles had been packaged helped to contribute to the outbreak of salmonella. The other issue is that the capsules are not officially regulated(through the FDA). There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered about the capsules and the overall use. Experts suggest that you should speak with your doctor(or attending physician) before you start to take them.