The distinct difference between atheism and communism.

There is a distinct difference between atheism and the term communism. These two aspects are frequently confused by individuals in the society. In this article, we will distinctively talk about the two elements and get to clear the confusion between them by differentiating them. Atheism does not actually assert to the notion of whether or not a religion is good or bad. It also does not imply the idea of having or not having and following a particular religion in the society. It means in simple terms, the belief that there is in no way a god having control over our lives. This belief that there is no existence of a god means that there is no set guidelines or principals with it. This also implies that there is no way or form of living or behavior that ought to be followed. It should, therefore, be understood that atheism means not believing in the mere existence of a god.

Secularism, however, entails the belief that the state of a particular country, in general, should be neutral towards matters of religion. This implies that the land in question should have no bias towards the religion of any type; it should neither support nor be against any form of religion whatsoever. This notion is also backed by the highest court of the land in Canada, the Supreme Court. It passed a judgment more than a decade ago on its stand in the matter of secularism. In this case, the ruling protects any divine will and freedom by any civilian. This vividly shows the neutrality aspect which is the main aspect of secularism.

The Canada Supreme Court, or as it is referred to as the SCOC, iterates that the actual characteristic or pursuit of society following norms of freedom and democracy should ensure free religion will. This implies that anyone and everyone should be accepted for who and what they represent regardless of their religious following or background. This neutrality will be evident through a state free from intimidation, threats or oppression by any other individual in the society. This will not only unify the different cultural backgrounds but will also promote a sense of unity, free will as well as nobility towards the society in the Canadian nation.

After considering all these aspects, it is safe to answer the question of how nations with communists background kill their residents, yet they should foster the spirit of neutrality. The answer is that most governments do not follow these strong notions. This means even though these states still foster the aspect of neutrality in religious beliefs as well as not believing in the existence of gods will go ahead and murder the residents who have their own beliefs.

There have been numerous trials and attempts by those with strong religious beliefs in the matter to have some good seniority, but in recent studies, it has been found that atheists, the non-believers, are as well morally upright and on the same level as the former.

In a letter written by Mr. Kenneth Kully in late August, he reveals a peculiar fact that the more communist or secular a country is, the better it is regarding hospitality towards the religious folk. This letter shows the studies done to back this notion. The letter talks of the difference between atheism and secularism and its relevance in the communist nations as well as other regimes in the world trying to explain the difference in order to distinguish the two aspects.