Why Superheroes Like Batman, Apparently, Do Not Believe In God

Superheroes have become more of a focus in the media than ever. There is a lot revealed about superheroes. However, there is one thing that is often not talked about when it comes to superheroes, and that is where they stand when it comes to religion or God. One example of a superhero that is worth looking at is Batman/Bruce Wayne. When asked about religion or God, Bruce Wayne would say that he is an atheist. Some people might find it to be a curious conclusion because of all of the types of beings he has come across including Superman and Ra’s Al Ghul. However, when you think about it, it actually might make a little sense.

One thing that is very important to look at is the writer of the stories. Batman is not always an atheist. There are certain interpretations that show Bruce Wayne acknowledging the existence of God. This seems to suggest that whether Batman is an atheist or a believer depends on the story and the interpretation. One of the latest writers of the Batman mythos, Tom King, has written Batman as an atheist. This has made a lot of headlines and got people thinking

When thinking about Batman’s atheism, one must look into the factors that could’ve brought him to that point. There are many factors that can cause one to become an atheist. They range from religious abuse to just mere skepticism. When looking at Bruce Wayne’s life, it is important to factor in the tragic loss of his parents in a brutal fashion. This can be enough to shake the faith of even a priest.

Another factor that is worth looking at is skepticism. In order to believe in a God of religions like Christianity, people naturally need some kind of evidence. If they can’t find any evidence, then they are likely to not believe. One of the defining traits of Bruce Wayne is his intellect. He observes the world with his five senses. Using faith would actually get in the way of his work.

Then there is the abuse of spirituality and religion by people who want to use it for their own personal gain. A lot of misuse in the church can cause anyone to get sick and lose their faith in any God they may have believed in and turn to atheism. People often take the message of the religious texts and twist them into something that is far removed from the original point.