Is Anyone Still Out There?

For the rare few of you that bother to read my writing, I’m happy to announce that I’ve had a change of heart, and that TGA is being resurrected. Yes, I know you’ve probably heard this once before, and I’m sure you’re sick of being mislead, but there are good reasons why this time, I’m for real. For starters, I’ve put up my book on Amazon, and will be using their print on demand service to also publish the physical copy. My goal is to finish my Indiegogo campaign, but this will take many years, as Bible Stories is only one of three books to be released.

I’ve also opened up the archive of shows, and I’ve been posting these on Youtube for a new generation of wannabe atheist to discover our ridiculous, offbeat style. If you’re interested in taking a nostalgia trip, I highly recommend it.

I guess the last thing I can say is thanks for not giving up on me! It’s been 10 years, so maybe it should be time for me to make this a success.

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    Scott P

    Through the miracle of RSS feeds, I’m still listening.

    Good luck with the relaunch, I’m looking forward to it.

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    Barry D.


    I rely on Feedly Notifier (plug-in). and have been Binge-Listening to The Skeptics Guide to the Universe (Backwards, now on 585), because I don’t have enough content to listen to through out the week. But it’s always Great News to see your posts popup now and again, defying the odds.

    I also listen to with Hemant Mehta (who also seems popular right now) and Jessica Bluemke (I love her personality), and often they are laughing and drinking wine, and telling their stories and viewpoints of the passed week. Coming up with different routines and ways to make little bit of money, like getting Hemant to watch Star Wars for the first time ever!! Also But I’m getting tired of his content, as it seems to rely on more on his personal life.

    Start slow, preach your bible stories (I haven’t had the privilege of reading/purchasing this book). Maybe throw some ideas in/out now and again, and create a podcast or post to your blog. If you have to take a break, don’t be afraid of time for a breather, we’re only human.

    I love to listen to science, comedy, atheism … anything that’s current, its far better to hear a humans voice then to look at endless memes posted on Facebook. I can recall working in a warehouse stocking shelves, listening to the good atheist. I love your content and your personality, and your interactivity you have with your co-host. But I hope you find your fling. No matter how long it takes.

    Take care!

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