TGA Podcast EP:335

TGA Podcast EP:335

This week, my cohost TBAD and I talk about time travel and the movies that feature this poorly used trope, and we’ll also talk about the future of space exploration. It’s one┬áhour of goofy fun you won’t want to miss. Be sure to support the Patreon Campaign!

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    Loved the brief hit on the awesome movie Primer, I remember when I first watched it and found a really good explanation of how the time travel worked in that story.

    Basically the time machine creates a loop from when it’s turned on to when it’s turned off and “wound down”. The reason why the guys can’t go back any further is because they can only go back as far as the box had been powered.
    Also it’s based on a multiple timeline/dimension arc because every time they enter the box they “create” a new timeline.

    It’s really complex but super interesting, qntm’s explanation and commentary track are amazing for understanding what’s going on throughout the movie.

    As always, great podcast :).

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