TGA Podcast EP: 331

TGA Podcast EP: 331

This week, Ryan joins me as we casually take down a “philosophy” professor and his pathetic arguments for the existence of suffering as evidence of God. We also talk about free will and even yellow journalism! You won’t want to miss this show. Be sure to check out the video we’re responding to here

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    One question that I never hear asked with regard to free will is free of what? Free in what sense? That humans possess infinite degrees of freedom for choice? Free of our biology? Our biology (wrt to the brain – our CPU) is shaped by genes and environment (natural phenomena). So where would free will reside that would enable us to possess infinite degrees of freedom? If free will resides in the brain then free will would be an epiphenomenon (this is what i think it is) because the brain’s decision would necessarily be constrained by genes and environment,

    Would adherents to the proposition of free will posit something supernatural (that is, residing outside of our biology)?

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