TGA Podcast: Episode 329

TGA Podcast: Episode 329

This week, Jeff joins me as we review the disasters that are “Noah” and “Heaven is Real”. We watched these terrible movies so you never have to. So don’t miss out on this spoiler-alert show!

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    As an athirst people have to help eachother no matter. Stupid or smart. I want to start an enlightened movement in America

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    More butthurt from the atheists again. You’re upset at the portrayal of atheists as bitter emotional fools who deny God because something bad happened to them in “God’s Not Dead” but it’s fine when the Christian is portrayed as an emotional idiot who only hangs onto his faith because of hope for an after-life in “The Ledge” eh? Noah, meanwhile, is an entertainment movie based on the Biblical story but it’s not a Christian movie.

    Keep up with the obsession on religion guys. Yeah, you’re really “free” with the way you’ve spent the last 5-8 years ranting about religion to the 2,000+ people subscribed to you.

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    I know, right?!

    Atheists are such whiny losers. They deny the fact that God exists because they don’t want to have any kind of responsibility, nor are they willing to accept the fact that they’re not the highest beings in the universe. (Yes, atheists, God is real. DEAL WITH IT. No amount of verbal abuse is going to convert those of us who aren’t stupid enough to be atheists, so give it up.) They love to attack Christians 24/7 instead of doing something productive or beneficial to anyone or anything other than their ridiculously large egos. This is why nobody likes atheists.

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