This guy is so wrong it hurts

The Internet is weird. I’ve been blogging for so long that sometimes I just gloss over the fact that it’s filled with weirdos, and the people who love them. The thing that makes the web so interesting a place is you never know when they’ll come crawling out of the woodwork.

Case in point: in 2010 I wrote an article critical of “biocentrism”, this rather egotistical belief that the Earth is perfectly suitable for life, which means…well, they never seem to clear on that point other than to say “See, something special is happening here!” Just a few days ago, a reader named Britt decided to respond by saying that there was “plenty of evidence” that supported this position, and she sent me a link to this guy: Pastor Rob Bell.

Now, don’t let the glasses and geeky looking shoes fool you: this man is no brain. While he pretends in this video to know things about astronomy, he is in fact wrong on almost every point he brings up. To name a few, they are:

1) Incorrect analysis of the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ (also, the Earth’s orbit isn’t circular, with the distance varying by as much as 3 million miles).

2) The Earth isn’t the only planet that has a tilted axis. Uranus is completely on its side, and freakin’ Venus rotates the opposite way of the other planets (some say it might even have formed from a different nebula, that rebel). And no, you aren’t immune to tidal forces because you’re on an angle. The moon has been slowing us down for a while. Bastard.

3) No moon, no life? That’s news to me. And the best scientists don’t think we “captured an asteroid” to get the moon. It’s simply too large and the Earth’s gravity is too weak to have attracted it and kept it in our orbit. Scientists think the moon was probably a planet that collided with the early Earth, helping to give our planet its super-dynamo (which this guy could have used for his terrible argument, was he aware of the actual science).

4) The percentage of oxygen on the planet has varied over time. The density of this gas also changes depending on altitude. So according to this guy’s logic, no one can live in Colorado.

5) The amount of salt in the oceans has also changed over time (as has the composition of various metals as well). So again, no idea what he’s going on about.

That’s just a quick list I made on a 5 minute video, and I fully admit to being the most amateur of sky-lovers. I wanted to post this only to demonstrate that when people think they have ‘facts’ on their side, what they really have is a limited or convoluted interpretation of real world data. Facts aren’t really facts until they conform with reality. The rest is spiritual mumbo-jumbo gullible people like to think is deep and meaningful.

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