Even Christians think “God’s not Dead” sucks

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about this movie: God’s Not Dead. It’s the story of a bunch of Christians getting suckered out of their money, saving God from a bunch of super meany atheists. Like most of the cheesy crap they throw on film, this particular Christian movie is like a giant cameo of failed careers. Kevin Sorbo plays a hateful atheist teacher who rejects God when his mother dies of cancer when he’s 12, while his equally underemployed pal Dean Cain plays a man so self-absorbed, he dumps his partner when she finds herself diagnosed with cancer (for failing at not dying of cancer).

Now, I won’t go into detail about the film. Dan Fincke already wrote a behemoth article about it, so if you want to know precisely why the film sucks, you can read his review. I was more interested in how other Christians would respond to it.

A blog called “Gospel Spam” recently reviewed it, and despite a few nice things to say, the reviewer basically took a giant crap all over it:

Christian film writing has been notoriously bad since its beginning. Almost every Christian film you’ve ever seen has followed a template: an emotional story line which is a bit unrealistic using gratuitous tear-jerkers to illicit some gratuitous tears with the obligatory tip of the hat gospel presentation worked in not so subtly to make it clear that this is a Christian film because its aim is to evangelize…

When you have good actors and good technical presentation, this is where bad writing just jumps off the screen and spits in your face.

The rest of the review is fine, until the author gets to the part where – despite being somewhat sympathetic to the fact that atheists were mischaracterised in the movie – displays his own severe lack of understanding about what it means not to believe in fairy-tales:

While I do believe that some atheists are atheists because of personal tragedy and many of them are former Christians, atheists are atheists because they love their sin (Romans 1:18). They suppress the truth they already know in unrighteousness…While atheists deny the God they already know exists, they do so because they hate Him and love sin. For a primer on the condition of man, read Romans 3:10-18.

How is this any fucking better than the bullshit in God’s not Dead? It’s the same mischaracterization, the same ‘demonization’ as the crap on celluloid he’s reviewing. Hey buddy, if you’re going to try and come to the defence of non-believers, how about doing a little fucking research outside of the New Testament, dude?

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    Sean Stanton

    This movie is a bunch of crap and if it was all shit about christians, OH well they’d fucking call you racist. This is just such a shit movie. Should be banned.

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    I’m a devout Christian and I thought this movie sucked. Too campy and I thought the 2 ministers were gonna high five and go for pizza on their way to Disney land after “converting” the dead professor at the end…oy!

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    The movie uses the same strawmen you see use by many Christians – arguments that are easily shown to be illogical, factually inaccurate, or just made up (most of them don’t realize this because the don’t look beyond thier own authorities). I think most Christian movies suck because they are trying to evangelize through manipulation. In filmmaking we call that propaganda – a lot of fiction mixed with a bit of truth.

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