Ray Comfort calls out Neil deGrasse Tyson

It’s time to sit back, put on your dirty pair of slippers, and listen carefully as ‘renowned scientist’ Dr. Ray Comfort carefully explains why the new “Cosmos” is wrong, and why the Bible is scien-terrific.

I know most of you won’t make it past the first few minutes, and seeing as though everyone on the show is a failed comedian, I dug into it to extract the juicy little nuggets for ya:

“You know, the word ‘science,’ it’s kind of a magical word, I believe in science. It just means knowledge, that’s all it means. There’s different areas of science, different areas of knowledge. When you say the Bible is not a science book, you’re saying it’s not a knowledge book? It tells us how God created the Earth!”

“It gives us the basis for all creation, and it passes the scientific method. It’s observable – Genesis – and testable. Evolution is not. You can’t observe something 60 million years old, but you can observe what Genesis says.”

My head hurts. I guess to old Ray, the word ‘observe’ is understood in a very literal way: seeing with your eyes. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist (I wouldn’t try and take that argument too far, Ray)! Now, I know that you can technically ‘see’ a chapter in the Bible called Genesis, but by that logic, a radioactive spider-bite can give someone the ability to dress up in leotards and throw a few cars at bad guys.

Here’s the thing though: Ray is brilliant at marketing. The only reason he did this video was because of the way these topics are trending online (Cosmos, Neil, and the Noah movie). Releasing his own shitty Noah based show the same day as the blockbuster movie is smart. Crazy smart. And his nicely designed pamphlets and fake dollar bills are collectible worthy promotional materials. This is why he’s successful. So, as terrifying as it sounds, we need to learn from this man.

Just nothing about science, for fuck’s sake!

NOTE: I should mention that near the end, Comfort claims that Neil is a believer, simply because he’s never called himself an atheist, and has typically evaded the issue. I know he hates labels, but when you don’t adopt them, people give one to you anyways. Better to be clear then go into the nuances of one’s beliefs, IMO.

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