Hard-Cores to be moved to JacobFortin.com

Hard-Cores to be moved to JacobFortin.com

Hi Gang,

Well, since announcing my eventual semi-retirement from atheism, a number of hard-cores have expressed their desire to continue to support my ventures outside of the scene. Not only are they excited by Bible Stories, they are also looking forward to the myriad of other projects I’ll be working on, which includes a comic book, a TV pilot, and a bunch of other projects that are top secret (for now).

I’ve decided to move their profiles over to my new site, jacobfortin.com, which has a private forum setup for members of the ’300′. In order to facilitation discussion, any member who has contributed more than $50 over the years will be migrated over as well, their profiles expiring only at the end of this year. For those of you who continue to contribute your membership fees, your profiles will be built first, followed by the rest.

Some of your information may not be up to date, so if that’s the case, feel free to email me¬†with your latest details so I can update my files (you should also email me if you want a specific number assigned to you). Once you get the email confirming your new profile, I encourage you to say hello in to forums so the other members of the budding community can properly greet you.

You guys are my rock, and I plan on keeping as many of you on board as I can. I hope you’ll come with me on this new journey. I haven’t disappointed you before, have I?

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