TGA Podcast: Episode 315

TGA Podcast: Episode 315

This week, my special guest is Jonny Scaramanga, a talented young musician from England who is one of the finalists in my ‘Next Generation’ of Good Atheists (or T-Gang for short). If you liked him on the show, please be sure to voice your support so he can become a full time participant!

Video of Jonny as a young child defending creationism:
His blog about leaving fundamentalism:

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    Good show, good debut from Jonny. :o)

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    Good show, I’m still listening to the end, just wanted to add a detail: about the curse of Ham there are theories that his transgression was either castrating his father or having sex with him. The “seeing” could have either been a replacement or euphemism for sex. So “Ham was cursed because he sat on his father’s dick when he was drunk” actually makes a bit of sense in the biblical view.

    Just a quick reference used in the wiki article:

    Oh, and Jonny Scaramanga is awesome, so let him back on the show! Also, Jacob, at the start you hardly let Jonny speak! =P

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    Lee Mitchell

    A very interesting and fascinating show with Jonny, I would love to hear more of his views over the coming weeks as I believe that his fundamental up bringing could give him quite an interesting insight on many subjects.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Always a good sign when people keep saying “shut up jake” 😛

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    Andrew Blane

    Shut up Jake!

    Seriously, I for one fully understand your need to move on and do other things, and especially to earn an income, but, on the other hand, I’m selfishly miffed by it. So it’s really heart-warming to witness the solution you’ve come up with: to hand over the torch to a younger generation. And I think Jonny is ideal, not least because he can talk properly…

    Break a leg Jonny!

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    I would also like to say that I approve of Jonny as a successor to TGA. He’s got the talent and the energy that’s needed to thrive in this medium. More importantly, because of his background, he has another point of view, and something to say about it.
    That being said, I don’t want to discourage those that haven’t been heard yet. I look forward to hearing all of the candidates.

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    Jonny was great! You should bring back Jerry DeWitt from #183 too!

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    Paco Puente

    Yep, I’d like some more Scaramanga. Great show.

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    Vijay Kishore

    Hey Jake. The idea of passing the baton to younger generation is awesome. It keeps the podcast alive and also you can give guest appearances now and then. I approve of Jonny and would like to learn more about him. I could totally resonate with his situation about delayed maturity, the only difference being he matured 7 years all too late and me almost 15 years. 🙂

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    Alexander The Greatest

    Ever since you said you were hanging up the good atheist hat, I’ve been sceptical about the show. I have to say, if you retiring means more of Jonny Scaramanga, I’ll be refreshing my feed daily to be sure not to miss it!

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    I liked Scaramanga. I’m right there with you on the education. I went to an ACE school from 4th grade to graduation and the thing I learned later in life is that I was taught WHAT to think and not HOW to think. Makes me wonder how different my life would be if I had gotten a proper education.

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    Dj rev Ross

    Johnny was awesome. I’d listen to him for sure. His accent is cool as well.

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