The New Good Atheists auditions have begun

I mentioned a few weeks ago I was playing with the idea of finding the next generation of ‘Good Atheists’, and I’m happy to report that in a few days, I’ll be experimenting with some of them and testing out your reactions. Now, I will still be co-hosting while these rookies put a few podcasting miles under their belts, and you can be sure I will be applying a rigorous standard of quality on all of them. The result (I hope) will be a bunch of new, passionate individuals who want to use our existing activist platform to make important contributions to the atheism scene.

Now, as I wind down my involvement somewhat, there may be some of you who want to follow the other stuff I’m going to be working on. I may be slowing down my activism, but now I plan on throwing myself into business with the same gusto I’ve had for atheism. That means ‘the 300′ is really more of a support group for my projects, and not for ‘The Good Atheist’. Some of you may be more interested in supporting one or the other, so in the coming weeks I’m going to be delineating both activities and encouraging my hard-cores to switch over to my other projects, and ask everyone who wants to support the activism part of what we do to continue to do so (there are all kinds of costs associated with TGA that I still want help covering).

There may still be some of you out there with podcasting talent and passion who feel intrigued by becoming a new generation of atheist activists, and if so, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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